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Useful information for the anglers who have planned an alloy(trip).

Clothes for an alloy(trip)

1. The breathing, waterproof jacket — 2 pieces are desirable.

2. A suit fleece or a jacket + body stockings — 2 sets

3. Lower underwear (2 sets)

4. Fishing waders + boots or marsh boots

5. Socks — 4 sets (a set — thin + thick of fleece or wool)

6. Warm cap

7. A cap or a baseball cap — 2 pieces

8. Easy clothes for rest in camp — body stockings, shirts, t-shirts, sneakers, slippers.

Equipment for an alloy(trip)

1. Fishing backpack .

2. Tackles

3. Rod case

4. sunglasses (sun-protection, polarizing)

5. A multitool or a penknife + pliers for extraction hooks

6. A skin seat mat with a rubber thong

7. Matches or lighters in a waterproof packing

8. Individual first-aid kit

9. Individual toilet accessories

10. Nalobny small lamp, whenever possible spare

11. A repellent from midges (on alloys May-June undertakes a repellent from ticks)

12. A waterproof case or a little under the volume of the equipment taken on an alloy(trip).




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