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Fans of hunting for a feathery game, prepare guns and equipment. Spring and autumn hunting attract many hunters in all corners of Khabarovsk Krai. However only hunters with a long-term experience and wide experience fully hunt: they manage also hunting for a duck, and hunting for a goose, someone manages to hunt both on a woodcock, and on a black grouse. We suggest to use our experience and to give all the time to hunting.


Many hunters go for hunting to the same places, near the city. Near the city the mass of hunters disperse a birds and chances in successful hunting significantly decrease. We will bring, you, to grounds where hunters are practically not, there many  birds and a chance not only to hit one duck for the entire period of hunting, and to hunt in plenty. Let's show fodder goose places, places of flight. Until you hunt, to you will make a breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Spring and autumn hunting  


We offer the organizing bird  hunting

(The Nanaian and Khabarovsk districts of Khabarovsk Krai).

(Spassky district of Primorsky Krai)

Terms: April – the first decade of May.

 Subject to hunting: ducks, goose

Trip includes: a transfer (from Khabarovsk) to the place of hunting and back, licenses and permits, granting camp equipment in the form of tents, kitchen. Products (excepting alcoholic beverages), cooking on hunting (including from the got trophies).


Option 1: The camp (tents are provided from calculation: one triple tent on 2 persons) or in coordination a winter, five-seater tent on 4 persons.

Option 2: Comfortable base (bath, fireplace, dining room)

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