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The river Bichi is considered the best taymen river of the Far East, according to the Rybolov Elit magazine. And though recently, because of a big fishing press, the livestock trophy is undermined by taymen, large taimens (to 35 kg.) are still  caughts on sports tackles. Also here too many  lenks and pikes. The pikes often caughtss more than 10 kg.

The river is rather small, convenient for catching. Length of the river is 300 kilometers. It flows in the wide valley through a taiga and treeless Mari, flowing into the huge, shallow lake Udyl, one of the largest in the basin of Amur. The river abounds with a large number a channels and lagoons.

The best time for fishing in Bichi –  the end of May till the river freeze-up. From the beginning of a freeze-up the biting especially becomes more active. In the autumn here too not bad for hunt migratory birds. The permit is acquired in advance.

Important feature of this river is the possibility of delivery to the river water-jet transport that significantly reduces trip cost.


Short program of a trip

0 day: A meeting at the Airport of Khabarovsk. The transfer Khabarovsk - Bogorodskoye. Trip duration approximately – 14 hours.

1 day: Departure on the river by water-jet boats, under control of experienced guides. To the mouth of the river about 3-4 hours of the course. Rise down the river with fishing in perspective places.

2-8 day: Fishing on the river. Rise upstream, day's rests, rafting.

9-10 day: Departure from the river to Bogorodskoye. A transfer to Khabarovsk.

11 day: Departure


It is possible to allocate two main periods of time when caughts of a taimen is most probable. It is the end of May - the beginning of July and the end of August – the beginning of October. After spawning, in May, the large taimens begins to eat actively. At the end of August in the river the salmon (Siberian salmon) go for spawning.


The large taimens gathers on some tens of individuals on one or several places and waits for salmons. At this time, if it is successful "to get", it is possible to catch till 10-20 large fishes from one place. At the beginning of October still comfortable conditions for fishing, not so cold though frosts are possible at night. At the end of October, as a rule, there is already a sludge ice.

There is one more time when excellent fishing on trophy a taimen is possible. Right after an ice descent, the taimen begins to rise to spawning areas. It is a small interval of time in the first decade of May. It is remarkable the fact that, as a rule, at this time there is no flood on the river and fishing is always successful.


 Accommodation in tents (sound tents of Maverick at the rate of 1 triple tent on 2 people) which are established by guides. The skin is given. Time in 3 days, is established a marching bath. Usually on day's rests.

River Bichi Trip


Fishing is possible, both during the movement of boats, and during stops, from shallows or the anchored boats. Depending on water level in the river it is necessary to look for a taimen in different places which will be prompted by experienced guides. Fishing on a taimen is carried out by the principle "caught-release", it is not dependent on the sizes of fish.

Fishing and  movement is down the river carried out on inflatable PVC the boats Solar 555, the Otter 600, with suspended water-cannons of Yamaha of 40/50 forces. At the rate of the 2nd fisher on 1 boat. Such calculation rafting to move comfortably down the river and to fish from the boat.

During rafting meetings with wild animals and birds are possible. Elk, reindeer, bear, sea eagles, geese, ducks. For implementation of hunting for migratory birds it is necessary to have the hunting ticket and previously to place at us the order for the license and the permit.

Fishes: Lenok, grayling, a whitefish, a taimen,pike, during spawning in the river are a salmon.


Group: up to 8 anglers.

Trip duration: at will (but no more than 10 days).

Route extent (fishing): 120-150 km.

Each group without fail is registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The group is accompanied always by 4 experienced guides. Three meals a day on rafting are prepared by the certain cook.

Included in price:

- a meeting and farewell at the airport of Khabarovsk,

- delivery by the leased bus to Bogorodskoye and back,

- full service around fishing: watercrafts (boat), tents, guides-instructors, cook, 3-times food.

Service is not included in the price:

- fishing accessories (spinnings, rods, flyfishing, reels, baits)

- visa support for foreigners

- translation service

- an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

- sleeping bags (it is necessary to have the)

- alcoholic beverages and beer

- hotel accommodation

- food in roadside cafes

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