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It is possible to allocate one main period of time when caught a taimen is most probable. This beginning of July – the middle of October.


Accommodation on rafting in tents (sound tents of Maverick at the rate of 1 triple tent on 2 people). The skin is given. In 3-4 days, the marching bath is established. Usually on day's rests.



Fishing is possible, both during the movement of floatable means, and during stops, from shallows or the anchored boats. Depending on water level in the river it is necessary to look for a taimen in different places which will be prompted by experienced guides. Fishing  taimen is carried out by the principle "caught-release" it is not dependent on the sizes of fish. Depending on the number of people in group rafting occurs by boats under control of experienced guides. Motors allow to approach and unhook the hooked bait, "to hang for a while in a stream" for fishing in the perspective places.


Extent of a floatable part of a rafting: 60 km.


Structure of service:

• a meeting and farewell in the railway station of arrival

• three meals a day on rafting

• a transfer from the airport of arrival to the railway station

• service around fishing: watercrafts  

• (boats/catamarans), tents, kitchen, bath, guides-instructors, cook.


Not included in the price of service:

• fishing accessories (spinnings, rods, flyfishing, reels, baits, etc.)

• visa support for foreigners (if necessary we help / make recommendations) translation service

• granting an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

• food in roadside cafes

• granting sleeping bag

• alcoholic beverages and beer

 Sakhalin Island trip

The most comfortable time for visit  Sakhalin Island begins in July. This time is a best time for trophy Taimen –  Sakhalin taimen or as also called  Searun taimen. At this time the Taimen fattens on coastal gulfs and comes into the Sakhalin rivers. From the end of August -  beginning of September many Pacific salmons, a kundzha and chars begins to come into the rivers actively.

Tour consists of two components:

1.Fishing in sea Lagoons

2.River rafting

The sequence of these components is approved just before the beginning of a trip and depends on many factors, such as: weather, water level in the rivers, the schedule of inflows, etc.


River rafting of Dagi river

 The Dagi River - one of the most fishing river  in the northeast of Sakhalin. Fishing on the river is carried out both from the boat, and from the coast. Generally you can caught there taimen, a char, a kundzha(whitespotted char), cherry salmon, later Chum salmon(Keta).


Fishing in the Lagoons

The Lagoon Nabel is located in the northeast of Sakhalin, its length of this lagoon more than 40 km, it is one of the largest lagoons on the  Sakhalin. The kundzha, a taimen, a rudd, a flounder is found in it and it is a lot of various smaller fish. 

The largest spawned-out individuals of a taimen leave in the coastal zone Sakhalin Island and  feeding there practically all the time till winter. Here the taimen actively eats various species of a fishes. Sometimes the taimen comes into the rivers and rolls down back to lagoons.

Still trophies in 20-25 kg are not rare.


Short program of a trip:

Day 0 Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. A meeting at the airport, at the request of fishermen it is possible to organize sea fishing. At 16-00 departure by train  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Nogliki.


1 day   Meeting in the  Nogliki, a car  transfer on the Dagi River. Spending the night on the river. Beginning of fishing.

2-6 day   Rafting. Fishing.

7 day   Trasfer on the sea lagoon. The beginning of fishing in the lagoon.

8-9 day Fishing on the lagoon.

10 day  Transfer to the railway station. Departure by train to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

11 day - Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Departure to home.


Sakhalin Island trip

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