Inflows of the Uchur River Trip


Uchur — the river in Yakutia and Khabarovsk Krai, the right inflow of the Aldan River. River sources – in spurs of Stanovoy Range, further flows on east outskirts of Aldan Mountains. River length – 812 km. Has 141 inflows. In the basin of Uchur over 16,000 water currents and about 5,000 lakes. It is opened from ice in the first half of May, and freezes at the beginning of October. On sites of an exit of thermal waters ice-holes are formed.

Throughout the Uchur Current the mountainous relief is noted. The source of Uchur is at the height of 1250 meters, but already for 60 km height decreases by a third. To Kurakhanda  valley of the river narrow is also entirely occupied with the river. There are more open places and rare islands slightly below. The main river is covered with large pebble. The shiver is a lot of thresholds, rifts.

In 500÷700 the km from Uchur's mouth proceeds between low woody mountains. The  river very twisting is also divided into sleeves. Rifts, by places – separate large stones are here too observed.

Below Uyan Uchur's mouth considerably becomes straight, having width from 80 to 640 m. Still there are a lot of woody islands, pebble rifts. Small mountains cover the course of river.

From 430 km from the mouth the valley of the river is narrowed (100-200th), clamped on both sides by mountains again. The course accepts very twisting character again. Between Haikan and Gekan the river cuts Ridge Lurikan which tops tower on the 700-1000th over water.

The river very fish in view of the fact that is remote for visit by people. Such fishes as live in Uchur: taimen, lenok, whitefish, grayling,  pike, perch, burbot, sturgeon. Uchur has several large inflows absolutely different in character. The choice of the concrete site of a route depends a season and water level. The point of the beginning of rafting is defined just before a departure and is adjusted already over the river. The program makes a reservation separately, depending on a situation on the river (flood), but in general looks as follows:

Short program of trip

1 day: Departure to helicopter. Flight to the river (3.5 hours of flight)

2 day: Preparation for rafting. Fishing. Spending the night in the camp on the river bank (the beginning of a route).

3-9 day: River rafting.

10-11 day: Fishing in an extreme point of a route. A departure by helicopter. A car a transfer to the airport and departure to home.


It is possible to allocate two main periods of time when caughts of a taimen is most probable. It is the end June and the beginning of August – the middle of September. In October on the river usually there is a freeze-up.

Brief tour schedule

Day 1: Arrival to Khabarovsk, hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Transfer (bus) to  Podgornoye, accommodation.

Day 3: Transfer (bus) to Mnogovershinnyy transfer (Ural off-road car) to the Gulf of Reyneke. Camping out.

Day 4: Sea crossing to the Daptu loch. Fishing. Camping out.

Day 5: Day's rest, fishing (river/sea)

Day 6: Crossing the Muckhtel lake to the eponymous  river/ or to the Base located on the lake. Overnight stay on the Base/River camping out.

Day 7: Crossing to the Ulban river.

Day 8: Day's rest at Ulban river. Fishing.

Day 9: Crossing to the land tongue at the mouth of the Daptu loch. Camping out.

Day 10:. Crossing to the Reyneke bay, transfer (Ural off-road car) to Mnogovershinnyy.

Day 11: Transfer (bus) from Mnogovershinnyy to Nikolayevsk-on-Amur.

Day 12: Transfer to  Khabarovsk, hotel accommodation.

Day 13: Departure.


Tourist season

The tourist season starts from mid-July and  ends in mid-August. After that period frequent storms and bad weather starts.



Accommodation on rafting is in tents (sound tents of Maverick at the rate of 1 triple tent on 2 people which are established by guides. The skin is given. Time in 3 days, is established a marching bath. Usually on day's rests.


Fishing is possible, both during the movement of floatable means, and during stops, from shallows or the anchored boats. Depending on water level in the river it is necessary to look for a taimen in different places which will be prompted by experienced guides. Taimen fishing  is carried out by the principle "caught-release" it is not dependent on the sizes of fish. Depending on the number of people in group rafting happens on catamarans to weak motors, or on motor boats of 5-6 meters under control of experienced guides. Motors allow to approach and unhook the hooked bait, "to hang for a while in a stream" fishing in the perspective place.




Extent of a floatable part of a route: 150-170 km.


Structure of service:

• registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

• a meeting and farewell at the airport of arrival

• three meals a day on rafting

• a transfer from the airport of arrival to the helicopter and back

• service around fishing: watercrafts  

• (boats/catamarans), tents, kitchen, bath, guides-instructors, cook.


Service is not included in the price:

• fishing accessories (spinnings, rods, flyfishing, reels, baits, etc.)

• visa support for foreigners (if necessary we help / make recommendations) translation service

• granting an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

• food in roadside cafes

• granting sleeping bag

• alcoholic beverages and beer