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Havalda River - not very big river with mountain character and abundance of river chanels, overflow seccions and old river beds, especialy in lower seccion. Not so deep, with lot of rapids and also calm seccions with deep pools. Plenty infarctions of trees in upper and middle seccions, blocking flow of water. Havalda is important river to spawn for anadromic fish with keta salmon mainly. There is also nice autochtonic population of grayling, lenok, big amur pike and ofcourse dream of all anglers fishing in Far East - taimen.


Population of Havalda's taimens is quite big with average size 15-20kgs.


Fishing for trophy lenoks with spinning rod or flyfishing rod is just guaranteed for all of our clients. It's 100% unforgettable success no metter of fishing experience of any our client. Among lenoks there are always taimens.


Season starts on 20th of May and lasts until ice occurs on the river. Along from cool days fish activity rises.


Clear water, unpolluted air and picturesque rivers with mountains together with vast taiga - true magic of Far East, which together with good fishing results, and nice company can be great escape from problems of regular life. Unforgettable experience as all bonfires under the Far Eastern sky full of bright stars.


Night fishing on this river is very fascinating. The taimen if isn't active in the afternoon – it will be surely  hunt at night. We caught taymens to 26,5 kg, on an artificial mouse.


Program of trip

1 day: Meeting at the Airport, transfer to the river.

2 day: Transfer to the river. Arrival in a point of the beginning of rafting.  Rafting with fishing (about 10 km) to a camp.

3-7 days: Fishing on the river. River rafting.

8 day: An exit from the river. Fishing in perspective places. Spending the night.

9 day: Departure from the river. Transfer to Khabarovsk.

10 day: Transfer to Khabarovsk. Placement in hotel in Khabarovsk.

11 day: Departure



Fishing on Dzalinda is possible from the 20th of May and to time, when ice cover river. With arrival of cold weather the biting especially becomes more active.



Accommodation in tents (sound tents of Maverick) from calculation one triple tent on 2 people. The skin is given. One time in 3 days, is established a marching bath. Usually on day's rests.

Fishing trip to Havalda river


 Fishing is possible, both during the movement of boats, and during stops, from shallows or from  boats. Depending on water level in the river to look for a taimen follows in different places which will be advised professionals guides. The caught taimen and a lenok, without serious injuries, are released back. To the discretion of the guide, seriously damaged fishes of these species  can be used as a food.


For rafting we used inflatable PVC boats Solar 555, the Otter 600, with suspended water-cannons of Yamaha 40/50 of forces. At the rate of 2 fishers on 1 boat. Such calculation allows to move comfortably down the river and  fishing from the boat.


During rafting is possible to meet wild animals and birds. Elk, reindeer, bear, sea eagles, geese, ducks. For hunting for migratory birds it is necessary to have the hunting ticket and previously to place at us the order for the license and the permit.


Communication with the outside world – is absent, we have satellite phone for emergencies.



Group: to 8 people.

No of days: at desire (but no more than 10-12 days).

Route extent (fishing): 250-300 km.


Each group  is registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The group is accompanied always by 4 professional guides. Three meals a day are prepared by  cook.


Included in cost

  • registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

  • a meeting and farewell at the airport of Khabarovsk

  • three meals a day on rafting

  • a transfer from Khabarovsk to a place  and back

  • service around fishing: boats (water-jet boats), tents, kitchen, bath, guides, cook, installation of camp.


Not included in cost

  • fishing accessories (spinning rods, flyfishing rods, reels, lures, etc.)

  • visa support for foreigners (if necessary we give help / we make recommendations)

  • translator

  • granting an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

  • sleeping bag

  • alcoholic beverages and beer

  • placement in hotel

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