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Uda river – The river in Tuguro-Chumikansky district flowing in northern part of Khabarovskij Krai. Begin to flow on slopes of the Dzhagdy Mountains ridge and flows into the Okhotsk sea. Uda flows on a remote taiga, not touched by a civilization places. Its  promotes preservation of fish population in the river. From the Okhotsk sea to Uda the Pacific salmon comes to spawn that creates good food supply for a grayling, a taimen, a lenok, a whitefish. Uda is well-known for the fishing on a taimen which reaches weight in 40 and even 60 kg here.


Uda has several interesting inflows: Udykhyn, Shevli, Mai. These inflows are various in character. Udykhyn in small water isn't passable, and in big has the 4th category of complexity. On average a current has 9 kilometer canyon with shiver and thresholds. But on the river there are a lot of holes where it is possible to catch a large taimen. In view of inaccessibility of this inflow, fish in it remains enough. Shevli's inflow is lower than Udykhyn, approximately on 200 km.


Here the river has quieter character. Also abounds with clips and holes in which the taimen lives. Mai's inflow falls near the mouth of Uda and is one of the most beautiful inflows. Here red fish doesn't come therefore local fishermen don't visit this river . It is only occasionally possible to meet hunting winter quarters ashore. Here abundance of a big grayling and lenok. The taimen is too, but in the weight it is about 15 kg.

The rafting in Uda river isn't difficult. Here no follen trees, partitioning off the river. In respect of fishing, very interesting part from the mouth of river Mus to the mouth of river of Shevli. The program makes a reservation separately, depending on a situation on the river (a flood, high temperature of water, spawning of salmons), but in general looks as follows:


Short program of trip:

1 day: A meeting at the Airport of Khabarovsk. Departure on a helipad in the item Briakan (a car a transfer). Duration of a trip is about 12 hours.

2 day: A departure by helicopter on the Uda River. Preparation for an alloy. Spending the night in a camp on the river bank (the beginning of a route).

At desire it is possible to fly by helicopter from Khabarovsk that will save time of delivery to the river and from the river to Khabarovsk, approximately for 2 days, but raises the price of trip cost.

3-10 day: River rafting.

11-12 day: Fishing in an extreme point of a route. A departure on an item helipad Briakan. A car a transfer to Khabarovsk. Placement in hotel.

13 day: A departure from the Airport Khabarovsk

Trip to the Uda River (upper courses).River Shevli - Maya River


 Can be allocated two main periods of time when caughting  of a taimen is most probable. It is the end of May - the beginning of July and the end of August – the beginning of October. After spawning, in May, the large taimen begins eat more actively. At the end of August in the river the salmon (Siberian salmon) through passage appears. The large taimen gathers on some tens individuals on one or several reaches and waits here for fish. At this time, if it is successful "to get", it is possible to catch till 10-20 large fishes from one reach. At the beginning of October still comfortable conditions for fishing, not so cold, but possible frosts at night. At the end of October, as a rule, there is already a sludge ice.


There is one more time when excellent fishing on trophy a taimen is possible. Right after an ice descent, the taimen begins to rise to spawning areas. It is a small interval of time in the first decade of May. He is remarkable the fact that, as a rule at this time there is no flood and fishing is always successful.



 Is possible fishing, both during the movement of boats, and during stops. Depending on water level in the river it is necessary to look for a taimen in different places which will be founded by skilled guides. Fishing on a taimen is carried out by the principle " caught-release" it isn't dependent on the sizes of fish.

Depending on the number of people in group an alloy happens on catamarans to weak motors, or on motor boats of 5-6 meters under control of skilled guides. Motors allow to approach and unhook the hooked bait, "to hang for a while in a stream" for the fullest fishing in  the perspective place.



During an alloy are possible meetings with wild animals and birds and if are alloyed quietly, then it is possible to see an elk, a reindeer, a bear, a sea eagle, ducks.

Such species of fish as can be objects of catching: lenok, grayling, whitefish, taimen; below down the river: Siberian salmon, pink salmon, pike.



Accommodation in tents (sound tents of Maverick) from calculation one triple tent on 2 people. The skin is given. One time in 3 days, is established a marching bath. Usually on day's rests.




Group: to 8 people.

No of days: at desire (but no more than 10-12 days).

Route extent (fishing): 250-300 km.

Each group  is registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The group is accompanied always by 4 professional guides. Three meals a day are prepared by  cook.


Included in cost

  • registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

  • a meeting and farewell at the airport of Khabarovsk

  • three meals a day on rafting

  • a transfer from Khabarovsk to a place  and back

  • service around fishing: boats (water-jet boats), tents, kitchen, bath, guides, cook, installation of camp.


Not included in cost

  • fishing accessories (spinning rods, flyfishing rods, reels, lures, etc.)

  • visa support for foreigners (if necessary we give help / we make recommendations)

  • translator

  • granting an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

  • sleeping bag

  • alcoholic beverages and beer

  • placement in hotel

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