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Both river and sea fishing is possible. The Sea of ​​Okhotsk area is bioresourses rich. You can rigging in the Sea the following fish: cod, pollock, saffron cod, flounder, catfish. Sometimes during flounder fishing you can caught crabs used to be released.  You can catch in the rivers fish like: white-spotted char, arctic salmon, Dolly Varden trout, humpback salmon (in the middle of July humpback salmon runs to almost all more or less large rivers for spawning), lenok, grayling, crucian carp (in the Mukhtel Lake). In the Mukhtel river there are lots of large lenok (about 5-7kg weight), which is exciting to fishing both during day and night using mouse bait. Spearfishing is also offered.


At your request a cameraman can be enlisted for filming your trip.



Unfortunately, fine weather during the whole journey cannot be guaranteed, so you should be ready for timeouts  within the tour due to weather conditions. Because of the storm, you will not be able to put to the sea for a planned crossing, and will have to while away the day on the beach in the camp. Therefore, you are recommend to book open-date ticket from Khabarovsk or to have leeway before the flight.



Group: to 8 people.

No of days: at desire (but no more than 10-12 days).

Route extent (fishing): 250-300 km.


Each group  is registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The group is accompanied always by 4 professional guides. Three meals a day are prepared by  cook.


Included in cost

  • registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

  • a meeting and farewell at the airport of Khabarovsk

  • three meals a day on rafting

  • a transfer from Khabarovsk to a place  and back

  • service around fishing: boats (water-jet boats), tents, kitchen, bath, guides, cook, installation of camp.


Not included in cost

  • fishing accessories (spinning rods, flyfishing rods, reels, lures, etc.)

  • visa support for foreigners (if necessary we give help / we make recommendations)

  • translator

  • granting an insurance (it is necessary to be insured in the country / the city).

  • sleeping bag

  • alcoholic beverages and beer

  • placement in hotel

The Mukhtel Lake is a former lagoon laying on the Bay of Alexandra in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The narrow Daptu loch connects it with the Sea. A few dozen plain and mountain streams flow into the Lake. Mukhtel river is the largest of them. The Lake is 10.8 km length, 4,6 km width,  up to 4m depth. Its area is  28km2.


A combination of marine and land ecosystems determines the unique nature features of ​​the Mukhtel Lake. Coastal cliffs, pebble beach, foreshores during the low tides, marshes, meadows, forest isles and freshwater habitats foster the settlement of many species of animals and their stocking. Spawning, marine mammals migration near the coast attracts many predators. You can watch seals and whales directly from the shore.


The fauna is abundant in rare bird species. The main zoological attraction of the Lake is the highest population density of Steller's sea eagles and brown bears all over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk coast. A bird migration flows near the lake. Crucian carp inhabits the lake, but migratory fish is the basis of its fauna. The richest fishy river is Mukhtel. You can caught a large lenok /Brachymystax lenok (some fishes  are about 7-8kg), grayling, white-spotted char, Dolly Varden trout, rudd. Red and humpback salmon comes Mukhtel river from mid-July.


The Lake area is remote and deserted. There are only tourists but  hunters and fishermen in the winter. The distance from the  nearest town (Mnogovershinnyy) is 60 km.


You can enjoy exceptionally beautiful sunsets and admire the mirages during sunny summer days.


The Mukhtel State Natural Reserve having the territorial state significance was established in 2014. Thus stay and travel permit is required therein.


Brief tour schedule

Day 1: Arrival to Khabarovsk, hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Transfer (bus) to  Podgornoye, accommodation.

Day 3: Transfer (bus) to Mnogovershinnyy transfer (Ural off-road car) to the Gulf of Reyneke. Camping out.

Day 4: Sea crossing to the Daptu loch. Fishing. Camping out.

Day 5: Day's rest, fishing (river/sea)

Day 6: Crossing the Muckhtel lake to the eponymous  river/ or to the Base located on the lake. Overnight stay on the Base/River camping out.

Day 7: Crossing to the Ulban river.

Day 8: Day's rest at Ulban river. Fishing.

Day 9: Crossing to the land tongue at the mouth of the Daptu loch. Camping out.

Day 10:. Crossing to the Reyneke bay, transfer (Ural off-road car) to Mnogovershinnyy.

Day 11: Transfer (bus) from Mnogovershinnyy to Nikolayevsk-on-Amur.

Day 12: Transfer to  Khabarovsk, hotel accommodation.

Day 13: Departure.


Tourist season

The tourist season starts from mid-July and  ends in mid-August. After that period frequent storms and bad weather starts.

 Mukhtel   tour

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